City & Guilds Plastering Courses – 4 week Plastering Courses

City and Guilds Plastering Courses, For Beginners to advanced City and Guilds Plastering ranging from 4 weeks to 6 weeks. Practical Hands on Courses and our City and Guilds Plastering Training Courses are full on Hands on Courses. Please visit this link


City & Guilds was founded in 1878 and is seen as the biggest name in UK vocational education. It offers courses in every conceivable trade including plastering and teaches students to a certain standard. A City & Guilds diploma qualification in plastering is a universally accepted qualification as employers know that the holder of the award is trained to industry standards. The group is committed to improving business performance and has a lofty reputation for producing talented graduates who go on to become a success in a variety of fields.

City & Guilds and Plastering

It is important to note that all plastering courses under the City & Guilds banner are found within the construction industry. It offers courses for individuals with differing levels of skill. For example, the City & Guilds Basic Construction Skills course is designed for rank beginners with absolutely no experience in plastering whatsoever. No prior work experience is necessary and all you need to do in order to attain the qualification is show that you’re serious about a career in plastering and be prepared to put in the effort. It is the ideal path towards a life in plastering as the course involves a combination of education and practical teaching and the program is 300-330 hours in length. This means it is short enough to not be a waste of time and long enough to know whether or not you really want to pursue a career in plastering.

City & Guilds or NVQ?

There is some confusion over this question and many people think they are one and the same which is incorrect. This confusion is not aided by the official City & Guilds website which offers information about NVQs (See our page on NVQ plastering courses)! One of the main differences is the price; NVQs tend to be cheaper because they are part funded by the government whereas City & Guilds is not.

City and Guilds Plastering Courses with Goldtrowel Plastering Centre, NVQ Plastering Level 2. Hands on Practical Plastering Courses for Beginners to advanced. This course is for 4 weeks, which are `hands on` and intense, during the course you will build your portfolio, which consists of various  units (listed below). Additionally, all students will learn how to overboard ceilings,plaster complete barrel ceilings and curved walls.

If you are looking to change career or learn a new skill; need foundation site training; are looking to update system knowledge and skills; or need specialised training in drylining, fire protection, ceiling systems or decorative finishing, theres no better place to start

* Please Note*


Your NVQ Level 2 is also included in this price.


  • Many providers are offering misleading City and Guilds Plastering Courses and giving students the impression that they can work onsite with this Qualification alone. You cannot do this, however, depending on the achievement of the Qualification and what units are covered, the City and Guilds Certificate will give you the competence to achieve Professional Standards within the Industry. It is our Recommendation that if you require this Certificate you must check with your Training Provider what you will be covering and the authenticity of your potential achievements.
  • For those students wanting Hardcore full on Training and Qualifications including the NVQ Level 2 to Work Onsite then choose our 6 week Multiskill Plastering Course. We cover absolutely everything.
  • This is the City & Guilds Plastering Certificate covering all that you need to know.
  • We will better any other course providers price.

However, regardless of whether you go down the NVQ or City & Guilds route, know that you will gain a substantial level of knowledge and skill which will greatly increase your chances of gaining employment as a plasterer.

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