Plastering Courses in Lichfield

You may not be enamoured at first by the prospect of studying a plastering course in Lichfield but the city will grow you on at an unexpected rate. It is known as a city thanks to the stunning Lichfield Cathedral and is just 16 miles away from Birmingham. With a population of just over 30,000, it is one of the UK’s smallest cities. Lichfield was settled as a Bishopric in the 7th century and was of major importance in the Kingdom of Mercia. It is the home of many famous people including Erasmus Darwin and Samuel Johnson and is known as a city of philosophers.

If you enjoy scenic beauty, a plastering course in Lichfield will be right up your street as the city is home to well over 200 listed buildings, an array of Georgian architecture and numerous old-fashioned cultural traditions. Although the city retains an unspoiled charm, there is a growing level of industry including the Frairsgate retail centre which is expected to attract tens of thousands of new visitors each month.

The city plays host to a variety of exciting cultural events each year including the Lichfield Greenhill Bower, a festival with roots lying in the Middle Ages. The Lichfield Festival is more than 30 years old and is an international arts festival of some renown. It involves world music, classical dance, poetry and literature. If you ever decide to take on a plastering course in Lichfield, you will certainly not be short of things to do despite the relatively small size of the city.

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