Plastering Courses in Manchester

With a plastering course in Manchester, you will become part of a city with a population of over 500,000 and an urban area of 2.2 million, the third largest in the UK. Manchester was once little more than a township but the Industrial Revolution brought it to the forefront of UK commerce and it grew at an incredible rate during the 19th century. The Manchester Cathedral was built in 1847 and Manchester became a city six years later. Outside of London and Edinburgh, no city in the UK is visited more often by tourists.

The Greater Manchester region has a GVA of over £40 billion which is third highest in the UK. It also has the second largest office market in the UK with its quarterly office uptake exceeding that of Newcastle, Leeds and Liverpool combined. The financial sector employs almost 100,000 people and the city has a massive commercial centre at its heart. Spinningfields is a giant business development centre and holds office and retail space.

Manchester has a proud music tradition with famous bands such as the Stone Roses, Oasis and Joy Division hailing from the city. There are over 130 gardens, open spaces and parks in the city which means you have choice when it comes to relaxing after a hard day in a plastering course in Manchester. The city also has a fantastic transport network with a high quality rail network and an international airport. The city will continue to play a major role in the UK economy so expect the plastering industry to grow as the British economy recovers.

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