Plastering Courses in Newcastle

There are a host of plastering courses in Newcastle upon Tyne, a city usually referred to as Newcastle with a population of almost 280,000. Those native to the city are affectionately known as Geordies and Newcastle is known for being amongst the top spots in the UK when it comes to nightlife. The pubs, clubs and general entertainment found in the city is well-known and you can have a legendary time in a place where ‘fun’ is always on the agenda.

Newcastle was an important player during the Industrial Revolution and became a leading coal mining and manufacturing centre. During the second half of the 20th century, heavy industry declined in the city as the service, retail and office sectors are now the major earners. This means you can enjoy a plastering course in Newcastle safe in the knowledge that the tools you gain are likely to lead to future employment. Like many Northern UK cities, Newcastle struggled in the 1980s but is recovering and has a GVA of £13 billion.

Many people are unaware of the city’s rich literary history and devotion to theatre but the arts is an important part of the city’s identity. There are also few cities in the UK where sport plays such a role in the lives of residents. Newcastle United is a member of the English Premier League and its supporters are known as being among the most passionate in the UK. Indeed, the entire city is filled with a passion for life and if you pick a plastering course in Newcastle, you will be in for a treat in a place that works hard but plays even harder!

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