Plastering Courses in Norwich

Take a chance on a plastering course in Norwich, a city built on the River Wensum. It is Norfolk’s county town with a population of around 140,000. During the 11th century, Norwich was the capital of Britain and deemed to be its most important city. Even with the rise of London, the city remained as a vital part of the UK and was arguably the second city in Britain with Bristol its only real rival. The advent of the Industrial Revolution changed all that as cities such as Birmingham, Manchester and Liverpool all bypassed Norwich in terms of importance.

Norwich had an industrial economy until the late 20th century when the services sector took over. Yet the city continues to grow steadily with the Norwich Research Park in the midst of a period of expansion and investment. It is a city dedicated to scientific research with world leading institutions such as the John Innes Centre and the Institute of Food Research located in the city. Although it is a relatively small city by UK standards, Norwich is still among the top 10 most prosperous shopping locations in the UK.

The Norfolk and Norwich Festival is an arts celebration and is indicative of the city’s dedication to cultural events. The city is home to a variety of museums and art galleries and is known for producing a number of internationally recognised music groups. With a plastering course in Norwich, you will be part of a special city that may no longer be the UK’s most important, but it is still relevant and growing.

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