Plastering Courses in Portsmouth

As Hampshire’s second largest city with a population of over 207,000, locating suitable plastering courses in Portsmouth should not be a difficult task. Portsmouth is the only island city in the UK and is also Britain’s most densely populated city. It also joins up with Southampton to form one of the largest metropolitan areas in the UK since its neighbour is 19 miles away. Portsmouth was a major naval port for centuries and is still the home of legendary ships such as HMS Warrior and Mary Rose.

The GVA of Portsmouth is estimated at approximately £4 billion per annum with the services sector taking up the lion’s share. Unlike other port cities in the UK, Portsmouth’s maritime economy remains relatively strong as 10% of the workforce work at the city’s Naval Dockyard. Now is a great time to take on a plastering course in Portsmouth as the city’s economy has really flourished in the last decade thanks to an increase in the number of stores in the area. The Bridge Centre is one of the main shopping centres in Portsmouth.

The city is known for having a great reputation for nightlife with five separate nightspots to choose from including Gunwharf Quays and Albert Road. The city is also mentioned in various literary works and the Spinnaker Tower is one of the largest tourist attractions in the city along with the harbour. If you consider doing a plastering course in Portsmouth, you will be right in the heart of a city with a proud South East Asian community.

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