Plastering Courses in Preston

The number of plastering courses in Preston has increased in the last 10 years as the city has only recently been granted its status. Preston only officially became a city in 2002 as part of the Queen’s Golden Jubilee celebrations. It had the honour of becoming the 50th city in England and it is the second newest city in the country. It is located in central Lancashire and has a population of 114,000.

Preston happens to be one of the main centres of the British Aerospace industry and the industrial sector is quite strong within the city. Like other UK cities, the services industry has picked up impressively in recent times with Fishergate and St George’s known as the two largest shopping centres in Preston. The city was also the location of the UK’s first Kentucky Fried Chicken outlet in 1965. The council had hoped to create the Tithebarn Project, an £800 million development program that was designed to help the city flourish. Unfortunately, the project is no longer viable after John Lewis pulled out.

On the plus side, Preston has being targeted by developers since it was given city status. There is a huge demand for office and residential space while tradesmen are also hot property. This indicates that taking on a plastering course in Preston could give your career a real shot in the arm. With the qualifications you will receive, employers will find it difficult to turn you down and you could find work in one of the city’s many firms.

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