Plastering Courses in Ripon

It may not seem like it but there are some high quality plastering courses in Ripon. It has been a city since 1836 when Ripon Cathedral was completed but it was founded over 1,300 years ago. With a tiny population of around 17,000, Ripon hardly represents the typical UK city. Believe it or not however, there are actually three cities in England that are smaller than this North Yorkshire city.

Ripon has actually been a settlement since around the 7th century when it was part of Northumbria. When the Normans conquered England, they ruthlessly suppressed the North and this caused Ripon to shrink to a tiny community. Ripon is also famous for being one of the places where Mary Queen of Scots stayed when she fled Scotland. The Ripon Railway Station was built in 1848 and this greatly improved communications with the rest of the country. Since World War II, the city has grown in size and has gone through a period of remodelling.

Ripon is known for being a market town with Thursday as the official market day. Over 120 stalls appear in the city centre while the Wilfrid Procession is held annually and involves colourful floats and costumes. Ripon is also the home of a nationally recognised racecourse which features a number of major races throughout the year. The Ripon Canal is a beautiful place to spend a summer’s evening and is one of the city’s main attractions. With a plastering course in Ripon, you get to follow a career in an easy going yet energetic little city.

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