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Plastering Courses. Our Plastering Course Training Centre is hands on. Your plastering courses range from beginner to advance and we cater for all…

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Our Plastering Course Centre is dedicated to plastering Courses, hands on practical courses, from 2 days to 30 days full on plastering, London, Essex, Kent and surrounding areas. We cater for everyone.

Dedicated plastering course training, various DIY short intensive course options to career changing plastering courses…

The plastering industry plays a vital role in the completion and finishing of buildings as well as being an effective method of decorating the exterior and interior of a building. As plasterers will be needed for every single refurbishment and new building project, it is a trade that will always be in demand. Plastering will smooth out rough patches in surfaces to ensure they are suitable for tiling or painting. For PLASTERING COURSES visit this link

In order to become a successful plasterer and be part of an industry worth an estimated £2 billion a year, you need to gain experience and certain qualifications. Industry statistics suggest that there are around 4,000 plastering companies operating in the UK. This shows that employment is available but is also an indication that it is a specialist trade. Besides, many of the best plasterers work on a self-employed basis and gain contracts from companies.


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Our Plastering Courses aim to provide the latest industry information as well as giving you details about the best NVQ and City & Guilds courses in plastering on offer throughout the UK. One thing we have learned about the industry is that there is a litany of courses available but not all of them are from accredited institutions. Many construction companies offer courses that are City & Guilds approved. This is important because all City & Guilds and NVQ courses teach students to industry standards. When you look for a job and show a prospective employer these qualifications, they know that you have basic health and safety knowledge and have a reasonable level of plastering skill.


If you are interested in plastering courses as a career, we recommend looking for the City & Guilds Plastering Courses at Goldtrowel. Other relevant awards include CSkills Awards Diploma in Plastering. If you manage to gain employment at entry level, you should work towards NVQ levels 2 and 3 in Plastering if you wish to climb the ladder. After completing the level 3 NVQ, you have the option of taking specialist training such as a level 3 in Heritage Skills.

You will find on that we aim to feature details on the best plastering courses currently available in the UK while exposing less suitable programs. After all, many of these programs are expensive and if you go down the non-accredited route, you will waste time and money on a ‘qualification’ that brings you no closer to your goal of employment. Goldtrowel should be your choice.

The most important thing to remember is that there are a variety of different levels when it comes to choosing a plastering course. If you new on the scene, it is imperative that you pick a basic training course to bring you up to speed with the fundamentals of plastering. Choosing a more advanced course straight away will only hinder your progress and may dissuade you from pursuing a career in plastering. With the housing industry set to pick up within the next few years, getting acquainted with plastering today means you could have a successful career tomorrow.

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Plastering is a very important stage in building construction; proper plastering lends a finishing touch to internal and external walls, floors, and ceilings; it prepares the uneven surfaces for painting or tiling. Plastering requires thorough knowledge and expertise in the trade; an amateur may end up creating cracked surfaces. Only a skilled plasterer can achieve that perfect look which makes a wall or floor attractive and durable. Most of the plasterers start their career as apprentices under experienced tradesmen and get on-the-job training. However, this will take years to learn and master the trade. There is another option that aspirant plasterers can consider; join a plastering course where they can learn the different aspects of plastering as a trade. There are several types of plastering courses and each one is aimed to provide plastering lessons to students of varying levels of knowledge in plastering. These courses are available in trade schools and colleges, trade workshops, etc. They can either be a part of a comprehensive course in building construction or exclusive plastering courses.

Plastering training courses are offered at different levels. Some are for beginners who want to pursue it as a career; this type of plastering course can either be a short introductory course or an extended one with a detailed approach to plastering where the students learn everything about plastering as a trade; new and old methods, types of plastering, materials and tools used in the trade, new trends, etc. are taught to a fresh student. There are some short term intensive plastering courses also which are aimed at both beginners and those with experience in plastering. Even those who want to take up plastering as a hobby can benefit from such courses. All the students who enrol for plastering training courses get hands-on training and the extent of knowledge imparted depends on the type of course you take. Beginners will start with the basics while experienced plasterers learn the new techniques, tools, and tips from the experts who conduct the classes.

Goldtrowel Plastering Courses will take you from beginner to advanced and have been designed for you to learn plastering, from short weekend courses to City and Guilds, NVQ and high end Rendering Courses. We really do offer the complete package from training plastering where you will learn absolutely everything that you need to know. All our Courses are Practical Hands on Courses from the start.
Our Plastering Training Centre is High Calibre in that it has very large areas to take you out of your comfort zone in order to tackle bigger areas in the real world. Your plastering training course can and will if you choose gain city and guilds & NVQ.

Plastering Courses

Plastering Courses

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Goldtrowel Plastering Courses

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